Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We will pay out instantly after request. Perfect Money will will be accrued to your account instantly and BTC will be accrued after 3 confirmations in block chain. We use low priority to calculate requests.
This website operates as an international investment platform. Due to it, investors from all over the world have access to the global currency market and are able to freely invest by means of our platform.
In order to become a client, you must undergo a simple registration procedure. Before the registration, we strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with 'Terms and Rules'. You will automatically accept all provisions of this document after your finishing the registration. In addition, we recommend you to read 'About us' section.
The main advantages of our project are its profitability, convenience for clients and low risks. Due to the experience of our traders, our trading bots and the developed trading strategies, we guarantee long term safe and steady earnings.
We use trading bot, that is configured to buy when BTC price is low and sell when it is up. We never trade with leverage so we are able to dollar cost average to correct state of every trade that we have opened and we have missed, thus turning even the losing trade into profitable one in short period of time. To determine bullish and bearish trends we use moving average crossover flavoured with RSI indicator. We also constantly evaluate market to predict spikes in altcoin price and we manually open this positions. After while, when they spike high, our robot automatically sell this position for us even while we sleep.
Of course, you can join us when you want. Sign-up is free and there are no monthly or annual charges.
We do not require you to specify your passport data and pass verification. You must specify only the standard registration information: full name, username, email address and payment accounts. You need to use real email address to pass the verification process.
No, you are not allowed to own more than one account. Please note that only one account is allowed per person. Please do not violate this rule. We can block your account if we notice neglect of this rule.
We are pleased to present you 6 investment plans, ranging from 0.75% - 1. 0% daily.
Profit will be accrued on your personal account according to the investment plan that was chosen. From there you can withdraw funds to your wallet. Withdrawal is instant.
We have decided to use only two payment options. That will be Perfect Money and Bitcoin. We do not plan to add more payment options in the future as we belive, we hold good, stable, long term program and people interested in our services will find their way to work with us, not because they just have some spare money, but because we offer good service and earning options.
The minimum amount that you need to create a deposit is $25. It is also noteworthy to add, that even though you are technically able to invest small sums of money in BTC, for smaller transactions you should use PM and not BTC, because our withdrawal policy does not allow to withdraw less than equivalent of $10 in BTC and also more than 0.0001 BTC.
Minimum withdraw Dollar $1 on PerfectMoney or equivalent of $5 value in Bitcoin. In addition, you can not withdraw PM money into Bitcoin account and vice versa. For this reasons it is vital and reasonable for you to use BTC only in cases, where sum of your investment will result in profit that is higher than equivalent of $10 in BTC per day.
All requests for withdrawal of profits are processed instantly. For Bitcoin operations please allow 24 hour limit, before making panic and contacting support. Ussualy you can see transaction in your wallet. If you can't see transaction in your wallet within 24 hours, contact support and we will sort it out. Also ussualy all BTC transactions will be accrued to your account within 1-3 hours, but at some bussy days(many calculations in blockchain) it may take much longer.
You can request for the withdrawal at any moment. Service is available 24/7. Withdrawal is instant.
Yes. Two-tier affiliate program is waiting for you, no matter if you have an active deposit. In addition, we have developed a Representatives Program. Use specifically provided promotional materials and increase your chances for decent income due to invited participants!
We are using advanced SSL encryption technology. Our website is protected from all DDoS attacks and runs on dedicated server. Your personal data is securely stored on our secure server, and committed transactions are safe, as data about them is sent over an encrypted channel that has the maximum degree of protection.
If you do not find an answer to the question in the list of FAQs, please contact customer support.
You can contact our support through clicking the 'Contact us' section. We offer support through Contact form and e-mail.